Vince Winegardner  for Commissioner!


Davidson needs new faces on the town board.  Please honor me with your vote.  I will respect the characteristics that make our town unique and work to correct the things that threaten our future.


This is an important election.  Huntersville, Cornelius and Davidson will see new faces on the town boards only if informed citizens agree there needs to be a change and only if you vote for that change. Imagine the message it would send if the citizens of Davidson and Lake Norman voted out the leadership who have allowed this HOT lane non-solution to happen!  Raleigh needs to hear from you!


Please Vote!

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It's the Voter's turn to make a statement!




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Well That Didn't Turn Out Quite The Way I Planned!

Elections give our community an opportunity to reflect on how our local government is doing in meeting our citizen’s expectations.   In this year’s election,  the majority of voters decided that things were going well enough and that the dramatic change in leadership that I was encouraging to address the toll issue was not necessary and that I was not part of their vision for our town hall.  I respect the voter’s decision and thank those who voted for me.  As a concerned citizen, I encourage all of our citizens to stay involved and hold our elected leaders accountable for their actions.  We should also support them in the difficult job of leading a diverse community.    I wish the very best to our newly elected leaders and to the citizens of Davidson.